Powerline Softball has called Madeira Beach, Florida home for our events for the last five years. In 2020 we are expanding to offer another beautiful beach location for our teams to choose from.

Mad Beach 1.jpg

Madeira Beach Invitational

200 Rex Place

Madeira Beach, FL

The city of Madeira Beach has been an incredible partner for the last five years and residents here welcome our teams and fans. Just 45 minutes from Tampa International Airport, there are plenty of flight options and plenty to do in the area during your down time. I have literally seen parents fishing along the board walk in between their daughters games and sail boats floating effortlessly by as we play games.


Announcing this location soon!!!

Shhhhhh this location coming soon

This location is a cannot miss opportunity for your team in 2020! Airport is 25 mins away, fields are 5 minutes to the beach, plenty of warm up space, affordable accommodations and much, much more!!! Stay Tuned